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Title - Individual Fire-Level Geospatial Data

Accessing MTBS Data
Individual Fire-Level Datasets are accessible via the data portal below:

  • MTBS Data Search and Distribution Tools
MTBS Data Search and Distribution Tools image
MTBS Data Search and Distribution Tools

The MTBS Data Search and Distribution Tools allow users to create queries to access data for specific MTBS fires. Targeted queries may be constructed using one or more of the following criteria:
  1. TEMPORAL - fire ignition date or date of data release
  2. SPATIAL - spatial relationship of the fire relative to selected states, geographic areas or lat/long
  3. NAME - fire name
  4. ADMIN OWNERSHIP - intersection of fire boundary with administrative unit boundary
  5. SIZE - fire size
  6. TYPE - fire type (wildfire, prescribed or wildland fire use)
  7. ASSESSMENT TYPE - fire mapping assessment strategy
  8. DATA VERSION - dataset version
Query results from this portal provide download links to fire-level geospatial data and mapping products (Google Earth KMZs and PDF maps). Geospatial data and mapping products may be downloaded individually for each fire, or downloaded en masse for a group of fires that meet the query criteria.

Current MTBS Data Availability
Please see the status map that displays the MTBS fire availability completion status by year of fire occurrence. MTBS fire-level datasets consist of continuous and thematic GIS data, imagery and associated metadata compiled for each completed MTBS fire. MTBS fire-level datasets for fires within a specific geographic area indicated as complete for specified years are available for download.

Quality Control and MTBS Data Revisions
MTBS datasets undergo a quality control review by the project after the original data are compiled. As a result, original MTBS fire datasets published on this web page are subject to revision. Consequently, if a dataset is revised, the original version of the dataset is removed and is replaced with the revised version. Original datasets for newly mapped fires and revised datasets for previously mapped fires are released on a regular basis.


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