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Accessing National MTBS Datasets
National MTBS datasets are accessible via the links below:

National MTBS
Burned Area Boundaries Dataset
National MTBS
Fire Occurrence Dataset
National MTBS
Burn Severity Mosaics
Composite Burned Area Map image Fire Occurrence Dataset Map image MTBS BS Mosaic Map image

MTBS Map Services
MTBS provides web map services (WMS) as another method to access the national MTBS geospatial datasets. All three types of the seamless national datasets are published as an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-compliant WMS. Please use the WMS Connection URL to access this service within an application. The GetCapabilities URL can also be used to obtain information about the published service.

WMS Connection URL:

Get Capabilities URL:

MTBS National Dataset Availability
Selected MTBS data layers are provided here as seamless national datasets. Burned area boundary polygons for each MTBS fire are provided as a single nationwide vector GIS dataset with pertinent attributes. Calculated geographic centroid of the burned area boundaries for each fire are attributed with relevant fire occurrence information and provided as a single nationwide point GIS dataset. In response to user requests new with this release (and for future releases), the regional annual thematic burn severity raster data seamless mosaics broken out by MTBS mapping zone are being replaced with a series of national mosaics. The new national seamless mosaicked datasets will be available for CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico on an annual basis.

Fire-level datasets for all MTBS fires in a given year may not be available for the entire country. Consequently, national datasets are comprised of the fire-level datasets available for distribution at that time. Please see the status map that displays by Landsat path/row the MTBS fire availability status by year of fire occurrence. MTBS burned area boundaries, fire occurrence locations and thematic burn severity datasets for fires within specific path/rows indicated as complete for specified years are included in the national datasets.

Quality Control and MTBS Data Revisions
MTBS fire-level datasets undergo a quality control review by the project after the original data are compiled. As a result, original MTBS national/regional datasets published on this web page are subject to revision. Consequently, if an MTBS fire-level dataset is revised, the national and regional datasets are updated using the revised fire-level dataset.

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