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Page Title - Tech Transfer

The MTBS technology transfer effort is a multi-faceted approach intended to educate potential users about the structure, content and uses of MTBS data. MTBS technology transfer components include: 1) workshops to enhance the understanding of burn severity data and explore applications of the data at multiple scales; 2) web-based modules to engage potential users, and describe data and applications; and 3) findings from data and trends analyses documented and published in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Information gleaned from all components of MTBS technology transfer as well as independent studies will reveal how useful MTBS data is and discover limitations that will guide operational use, and be utilized as a feedback mechanism to the MTBS project team.

Disclaimer: These materials are provided to the user community as is with no guarantee to the currency of materials and their compatibility with all software programs. Additionally, the government is not endorsing the use of any specific software programs that are referenced in these materials.

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