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Association for Fire Ecology:
4th International Fire Ecology & Management Congress

(November 2009)

The USGS/USFS Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) project hosted a workshop in Savannah, GA on November 30, 2009. The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with a greater understanding of the MTBS project and the available geospatial data for characterizing fire effects. Through a series of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on GIS exercises, this workshop will provide an overview of the MTBS project, fire mapping and assessment protocols, data products, and how to obtain MTBS data and utilize the project website. Participants will learn how to apply MTBS burn severity data to address specific user needs, integrate and analyze these data with local GIS map layers and how this information can support management decisions. The interpretation, limitations and appropriate application of MTBS data in the context of management decisions will be discussed as well as information on current efforts to consolidate and provide access to field validation data by users.

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