Data Release (April 30, 2010)

MTBS released an additional 1,064 fires to This release includes nationwide 2008 fires only. To search for this newly released data, users can query the database by creating a Temporal Data Search by choosing either the Release Date radio button and selecting 04/30/2010 from the dropdown menu or by choosing the Fire Occurrence Date radio button and selecting the date range January 1, 2008 thru December 31, 2008. 

Users of MTBS data should also be aware that until the completion of the project in 2012, revisions of fire datasets will be ongoing. The MTBS project is currently undergoing a quality control review of previously released fire datasets due to a mapping protocol change as well as improved feedback from regional and local fire ecologists. The anticipated schedule for posting revised fire datasets by MTBS zone is as follows and is subject to change:

  • July 2010: Pacific Northwest, North Central, South Central
  • October 2010: Pacific Southwest, Southwest, Southeast

Please contact the MTBS project via email if you have questions or concerns regarding these revisions