Data Availability

MTBS Production and Release Schedule​

MTBS fires are assessed and mapped based on the biophysical setting in which they occur. A significant proportion of MTBS fires are mapped using post-fire imagery acquired the year after they are suppressed to consistently and accurately capture ecological burn severity and fire effects. Please see the Project Overview for more details on the assessment strategies used by MTBS. ​

The MTBS Program focuses on completion of the mapping of an entire year of fires which is typically the year prior to the current calendar year. Currently, approximately 1,800 targeted fires for year 2022 fires are actively being assessed and mapped by MTBS and are anticipated to be fully completed in the latter half of CY2024. Fire mapping activities are continuously conducted by the program and completed data are reviewed and released on a quarterly schedule. Users should anticipate to access data for newly mapped and/or revised mappings of fires on the MTBS website in early February, May, August and November. Deviation from this schedule is possible in order to address data production considerations. Please see Announcements for dates and related information on previous MTBS data releases.​

MTBS Schedule