Training & Outreach

MTBS hosts an annual half-day webinar designed to provide participants a greater understanding of the MTBS program and the available geospatial data for characterizing fire effects. The training provides an overview of the program, fire mapping and assessment protocols, available data products, and how to obtain data and utilize the project website. There is also an instructor-led GIS demonstration of how to integrate and analyze MTBS data with local GIS map layers and how this information can support management decisions. Participants are provided sample data and instructions to accompany the demonstration and can either follow along with the instructor during the demonstration or complete the GIS exercise on their own at the end of the webinar. ArcGIS 10.x and the Spatial Analyst extension are required for the exercise.

You can download the GIS exercise data bundle here. A recorded version of the MTBS webinar is located here. Checkout our list of Selected References.

Disclaimer: These materials are provided to the user community as is with no guarantee to the currency of the materials and their compatibility with all software programs. Additionally, the government is not endorsing the use of any specific software programs that are referenced in these materials.