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The NDVI Profile Tool calculates the spatial average of measured greenness within a user-specified Landsat Path/Row. Any Path/Row within the Conterminous United States is a valid entry. Please use available Conterminous United States WRS-2 map, shapefiles or KML files for reference. An Event Date must also be specified and will serve as the point of focus in the resulting output. The information is reported back as a dynamic chart of spatially averaged NDVI through a biweekly timestep, organized by land cover type. The underlying NDVI data is available back to the beginning of 1989 and is continuously updated with the latest NDVI data every two weeks.

To begin, fill in the Tool Parameters:

  • Path range: 10 – 48; Row range: 26-42 (Note: Not all Path/Row combinations are valid.)
  • Date range: 1989 – current

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